The Creative Process

Nowadays, every single business is facing big challenges. To overcome the obstacles and succeed, you need the right people and the right procedure. This is how we help and support our clients.

Creative Process - Background

1. Idea

You have a ground-breaking idea. An idea that would help your business get to the next level and become a game-changer. We are here to transform your vision into a meaningful tech product. No matter where you are located – we work with clients from North America, Europe, and Asia. Talk to us. We listen.

2. Strategy

You know your business and we know how Technology can help it grow. Our team will research your target audience and develop an appealing product for your ideal customers, guaranteeing maximum ROI for you. Nothing's left to chance.

3. Implementation

We develop and design your product using the right tools and technology. We deliver weekly progress updates, so you can evaluate and test the product asap. During the development process, we work closely together to ensure that our work meets your business goals.

4. Support

A collaboration does not end when the product is launched. We’ll be there to help you after you bring your product to the market. We offer first-class technical support for as long as you need. Rest assured that your project is in the right hands.

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The LightBuzz Team

We have the right professional for the right job. Period.

Vangos Pterneas

Vangos Pterneas Profile

CEO – Microsoft MVP

George Karakatsiotis

George Karakatsiotis Profile

Artificial Intelligence Expert

Michail Moiropoulos

Michael Miropoulos Profile

Unity + Kinect Specialist

Georgia Makoudi

Georgia Makoudi Profile

Cloud Specialist

Galini Scarlatou

Galini Scarlatou Profile

Graphic & UX Designer

George Georgopoulos

George Georgopoulos Profile

Windows Developer

Adam Oikonomopoulos

Game Designer

Manos Alimpertis

Game Artist

Dimitris Klouvatos

Sound Engineer

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