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Body tracking

Meet the world’s most advanced body-tracking software. Use our cross-platform SDK to create amazing motion capture apps in minutes. Powered by AI. Created by humans.
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Supporting every desktop and mobile operating system.

LightBuzz Body Tracking 360 degree view

Trusted by pioneers in biomechanics research & innovation

Super accurate
Ultra light

LightBuzz Body Tracking - Fitness Stretch
Cutting-edge Body Tracking meets unparalleled accuracy. Our state-of-the-art pose estimation system uses advanced Machine Learning to bring desktop-level performance to mobile devices. Thanks to our breakthroughs in skeleton tracking AI, you can expect precise 360-degree motion tracking even in the most challenging poses. Whether you’re using a high-end PC or a 4-year-old phone, our software delivers consistent, exceptional performance. Plus, LightBuzz is compatible with all major chipsets, including NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, and Apple Silicon. Experience the future of body tracking today.

Supporting a vast family of cameras

Unlock the full potential of motion tracking with just your phone or laptop camera. Seamlessly capture the 2D and 3D coordinates of each joint in real-time, transforming your device into a powerful motion analysis tool. Elevate your experience further with a depth camera, designed to precisely measure distances in the physical space. Select the camera that aligns with your needs, and let us handle the magic.

Phone cameras

USB webcams

Apple LiDAR


Intel RealSense

Luxonis OAK-D

Azure Kinect

FaceTime camera

Structure Core


LightBuzz Body Tracking Skeleton Model (34 landmarks)

Human-centered AI

  • 35 body joints per person
  • 22 finger landmarks per hand
  • Up to 100 people

Analyze the human movement in the frontalsagittal, and transverse planes of motion. Support even the most complex poses.

LightBuzz hand & Finger tracking joints
LightBuzz hand & Finger tracking joints

⚡️ Blazing fast

The higher the frame rate, the more responsive your apps will be. By default, you can get an astonishing 60 FPS real-time performance on your iPhone or iPad webcam. Want more? Capture 3D videos at 60 FPS with the LiDAR sensor, 90 FPS with the RealSense camera, or even 200 FPS with an industrial device. Ideal for super-fast movements, like golf swings or baseball pitches.
LightBuzz Body Tracking - Runner and Trainer
LightBuzz Body Tracking - Hide Faces

Privacy. Built-in.

The LightBuzz SDK operates directly on your device, ensuring that your data remains on your computer or phone unless you choose to share it. Our software operates independently without connecting to a server or gathering any data. LightBuzz will never access your data or use them to train our AI models.

We also offer an additional privacy feature that allows you to hide the faces of users in real-time, should you require further privacy.

Inclusive by design

Our engineers have trained the LightBuzz AI system from scratch, carefully selecting diverse and inclusive datasets: we have considered different body types, skin tones, clothes, and hairstyles. Also, our SDK works with infants, children, and adults.

LightBuzz Body Tracking - Diverse group

Video recording & playback

Use our built-in video recorder to capture your sessions and store the skeleton, color, depth, and IMU data. Review your data with our video playback components. Play, pause, change speed and explore every angle of the human motion.

LightBuzz Body Tracking - Squats in video

A virtual gym in your pocket

Want more? The Enterprise version of our SDK comes packed with a virtual gym. It’s automatically analyzing dozens of movements while measuring the number of repetitions! The most popular fitness exercises are included.

Bicep Curls (lightBuzz Body Tracking)
LightBuzz Body Tracking - Couple Deadlift
Tricep extensions
Shoulder presses
Lateral raises
Bicep curls
Back rows
Jumping jacks
+ 30 joint angles!

Motion Analysis ready

Skeleton tracking is only valuable with accurate measurements. Precise measurements enable objective evaluation of human motion. We’ve done the Math so you don’t have to. The LightBuzz SDK offers comprehensive APIs to capture angles, rotations, and distances with just one line of code!

Customer support that cares

We love AI, but we hate bots. That’s why we never delegate customer service to automatic responders and canned emails. Instead, when you reach out to us, you interact with humans. Our support team works side-by-side with our engineers to answer even your tougher questions.

Simply put, the LightBuzz Body Tracking SDK allowed us to bring our vision to life. No need to worry about cameras or different tech stacks - LightBuzz has our back. Hands down, the best investment we made.

James KangGrandmaster Fitness

Your "scary-fast" performances absolutely merit a round of applause. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your outstanding support throughout the past month. Wishing you a spooky Halloween.

Alex LioulemesBarrett Medical

I am extremely impressed by the 'plug and play' versatility of the package written by Vangos and his team, that has relieved me of hours upon hours of coding. As a Product Designer I see huge scope for every feature within the package! All in all I couldn't recommend the package more. Outside of the software itself, LightBuzz has been extremely responsive and helpful with any questions I have had. Do yourself a favour and download the package and play around with the kit and see how it inspires you, like it has me.

Christopher MarkhamTUDublin

After reaching out to support, within ONE DAY there was a new version of the asset that had fixed the issue and all was working great!

Andrew Chlx

After a careful comparison between Microsoft Azure Kinect and LightBuzz Kinect, I found out that they perform differently. LightBuzz Kinect performs better in the Y-axis, while Azure Kinect performs better in the X-axis. On the whole, I think LightBuzz outperforms Azure Kinect largely.

Peter LauDundee University

I use the LightBuzz motion tracking software tool in academic projects. The tool is excellent, very accurate, and simple to use. It does not require advanced knowledge, as it has several practical examples. In addition, LightBuzz support is great, responses are very quick and enlightening.

Luiz Rogério ScudelettiSão Paulo State University

Super easy to use

There’s a reason developers love our SDK so much. Everything you need is accessible right out of the box. In addition, we provide a common API for all cameras. So, all you need to do is specify the camera you wish to use, and we’re taking care of the rest; no need to re-learn the API of each camera.

// Initialize a sensor
sensor = Sensor.Create(new SensorConfiguration
    SensorType = SensorType.LiDAR,
    Smoothing = 0.5f,
// Access color + depth + IMU + skeleton
FrameData frame = sensor.Update();
byte[] color = frame.ColorData;
ushort[] depth = frame.DepthData;
IMU imu = frame.ImuData;
List<Body> bodies = frame.BodyData;
// Pick the person you need
Body closest = bodies?.Closest();
Body farthest = bodies?.Farthest();
Body left = bodies?.Left();
Body right = bodies?.Right();
// Or, select within a range
List<Body> range = bodies?.InRange(1, 3);
// Calculate angles with 1 line of code!
Joint neck = body.Joints[JointType.Neck];
Joint pelvis = body.Joint[JointType.Pelvis];
float angle = Calculations.Rotation(
    neck.Position3D, pelvis.Position3D, 

to rule them all

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We support all major desktop and mobile operating systems, hassle-free. Write once. Deploy everywhere.

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The languages you speak

Power to the developers! LightBuzz supports your favorite tools and technologies. Unity is a first-class citizen, allowing you to reach every platform with a single code base. Of course, you can use native C++, C#, and .NET MAUI, too. More wrappers are coming soon!

LightBuzz programming languages - Unity, C#, C++

The cameras you need

By purchasing the LightBuzz SDK, you can use any camera you wish. LiDAR? Yes! Webcams? Sure! RealSense, Kinect, Structure, OAK-D? Of course! You can even analyze pre-recorded MP4, MOV, or AVI videos. All you have to do is select an input device, and our AI will do the rest.

LightBuzz SDK Unity3D - Sensor Type

Save time and money

Create awesome products in minutes

You could spend tons of money and years of work training your own AI model – let alone hiring specialized scientists. You could tweak “free” solutions only to find out you can’t use them in your apps. Or, you could rest assured LightBuzz has your back.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use it on unlimited projects?

Yes! You can use our SDK for an unlimited number of projects and installations — no matter whether you have a thousand or a million customers. The price remains the same.

Is technical support included?

Affirmative. Our dedicated support team is available within hours (or minutes!) of sending your support request. We provide first-class assistance in using the SDK and deploying your project. No bots. Only humans.

Do I need an Internet connection?

No, you don’t! Our SDK runs offline, ensuring that customers do not require Internet connectivity. There is no need to activate the software for each customer or device. The experience is smooth and effortless. You can focus on creating outstanding apps, while we take care of everything else.

What if I don't renew my license?

Well, we would be sad to see you go. If you decide not to renew your license, your customers will still be able to use your body-tracking apps without interruptions. You won’t be able to deploy new ones.

What programming languages can I use?

Our Body Tracking SDK is available in native C/C++, C#, Unity, and .NET MAUI. In case you need support for a different toolkit or technology, just let us know.

What cameras can I use?

The LightBuzz SDK supports the following cameras:

  • USB webcams
  • Apple LiDAR
  • Intel RealSense
  • Orbbec Astra+, Femto, Mega
  • Microsoft Kinect for Azure
  • Luxonis OAK-D, Pro, Lite, W
  • Structure Core

You may also analyze images and pre-recorded MP4 videosCheck the supported cameras.

What about other cameras?

We are always working towards supporting the best consumer cameras on the market. If you need a camera that is not part of the core body-tracking SDK, contact us, and we would be happy to add a custom integration for you.

What if a camera gets discontinued?

A significant part of our offering is providing peace of mind. In 2017, Microsoft discontinued the XBOX Kinect sensor, leaving thousands of businesses without viable options. However, with our support for the broadest range of manufacturers in the market, LightBuzz guarantees that you will always be able to use the latest commercial cameras.

Are you working on custom projects?

LightBuzz provides a broad set of services around AI, and we can help you with custom application development. Our diverse expertise covers desktop, mobile, and cloud technologies. If you have a project inquiry, contact us.

LightBuzz Body Tracking - COVID mask

Yeap, our body-tracking software works with face masks, too!

Create awesome body tracking apps