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The future of body tracking

It’s been over ten years since Microsoft introduced the Kinect for markerless body tracking. Since then, the world has gone mobile. Today, smartphones feature powerful cameras, while depth perception is already available for the desktop. Using modern AI and advanced Maths, LightBuzz brings the most accurate business-ready skeleton tracking on the planet.

Insane 2D & 3D tracking

The LightBuzz Body Tracking software allows you to track up to 20 human bodies with 21 joints each. Using any RGB camera, such as your phone or laptop camera, you can access the 2D coordinates of each joint in real-time. Does your device support depth perception, too? Great! Then, you also get the 3D coordinates in the physical space! This way, you can analyze the human movement in the frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes of motion. LightBuzz supports the broadest range of cameras ever.

Phone cameras

USB webcams

Apple LiDAR

Videos Pictures

Intel RealSense

Azure Kinect

Structure Core

Luxonis OAK-D

Fast. Accurate. Lightweight.

Our system is based on advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. The AI scientists of LightBuzz have cracked the code of skeleton tracking. The new SDK provides desktop-level performance on mobile devices. The best part? We never compromise accuracy. The software properly tracks the human body in 360 degrees of motion, even at the toughest poses. Our customers enjoy the same experience on a $2,000 PC and an $800 iPad.

Lightning speeds

The higher the frame rate, the more responsive your apps will be. By default, you can get an astonishing 40-70 FPS performance in real-time on your phone, tablet, or laptop! Unlike other skeleton tracking systems, LightBuzz works with all major chipsets, including NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, and Apple Silicon.

LightBuzz allows you to record your body-tracking sessions and store the color, depth, and skeleton data. Our Unity package also comes with a cutting-edge video player that replays the videos using a familiar yet powerful user interface. Play, pause, change speed and explore every angle of the captured motion.

Our built-in video recorder allows you to capture 60 FPS using the LiDAR camera or 90 FPS using the RealSense camera – and everything in between. Such smooth measurements are ideal for super-fast movements, like golf swings or baseball pitches.

Body Tracking Angles - Barbell Curl

Motion Analysis ready

Motion Analysis is complex. Building on years of expertise, our engineers have pumped the SDK with everything you need to analyze the human movement: angle calculations, planar rotations, bezier curves. All the Maths you need – now accessed with a single line of code.

Want even more? The Enterprise version of our SDK comes packed with a virtual gym. It’s automatically analyzing dozens of movements while measuring the number of repetitions! The most popular fitness exercises are included.

Tricep extensions
Shoulder presses
Lateral raises
Bicep curls
Back rows
Jumping jacks
+ 30 joint angles!

Premium customer support

We love AI, but we hate bots. That’s why we never delegate customer service to automatic responders and canned emails. Instead, when you reach out to us, you interact with humans. Our support team is working side-by-side with our engineers to answer even your tougher questions; within one business day.

Simply put, the LightBuzz Body Tracking SDK allowed us to bring our vision to life. No need to worry about cameras or different tech stacks –  LightBuzz has our back. Hands down, the best investment we made.

– James Kang, Grandmaster Fitness

After reaching out to support, within ONE DAY there was a new version of the asset that had fixed this issue and all was working great!

– Andrew Chlx

I use the LightBuzz motion tracking software tool in academic projects. The tool is excellent, very accurate, and simple to use. It does not require advanced knowledge, as it has several practical examples. In addition, LightBuzz support is great, responses are very quick and enlightening.

– Luiz Rogério Scudeletti, São Paulo State University



LightBuzz Body Tracking - Fitness

Increase athletic performance, track progress, correct form.


LightBuzz Body Tracking - Healthcare

Prevent injuries, measure range of motion, track balance.


LightBuzz Body Tracking - Entertainment

Acquire more customers, create immersive games, provide unique experiences.


LightBuzz Body Tracking - Military

Evaluate condition, track performance, compare fitness levels.

Super easy to use

There’s a reason developers love our SDK so much. Everything you need is accessible right out of the box. In addition, we provide a common API for all cameras. So, all you need to do is specify the camera you wish to use, and we’re taking care of the rest; no need to re-learn the API of each camera.

// Initialize a sensor
sensor = Sensor.Create(new SensorConfiguration
    SensorType = SensorType.LiDAR,
    Smoothing = 0.2f,
// Access color + depth + IMU + skeleton
FrameData frame = sensor.Update();

byte[] color = frame.ColorData;
ushort[] depth = frame.DepthData;
IMU imu = frame.ImuData;
List<Body> bodies = frame.BodyData;
// Pick the person you need
Body closest = bodies?.Closest();
Body farthest = bodies?.Farthest();
Body left = bodies?.Left();
Body right = bodies?.Right();
// Or, select within a range
List<Body> range = bodies?.InRange(1, 3);
// Calculate angles with 1 line of code!
Joint neck = body.Joints[JointType.Neck];
Joint pelvis = body.Joint[JointType.Pelvis];

float angle = Calculations.Rotation(
    neck.Position3D, pelvis.Position3D, 

Write once - deploy everywhere

We support all major desktop and mobile operating systems. In terms of programming languages, you can use C++, C#, or Unity3D.

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One SDK to rule them all

By purchasing the LightBuzz SDK, you can use any camera you wish. LiDAR? Yes! Webcams? Sure! RealSense, Kinect? Of course! You can even analyze pre-recorded MP4, MOV, or AVI videos. All you have to do is select an input device, and our AI will do the rest.

LightBuzz SDK Unity3D - Sensor Type

Save time and money.
Create awesome products in minutes.



per year

iOS + Mac + Windows + Linux
Structure Core
Azure Kinect
Angle calculations
Video recording & playback
Non-commercial use

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per year

iOS + Mac + Windows + Linux
Structure Core
Azure Kinect
Angle calculations
Video recording & playback
Commercial use
Premium support

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iOS + Mac + Windows + Linux
Structure Core
Azure Kinect
Angle calculations
Video recording & playback
Commercial use
Premium enterprise support
Motion Analysis
Movements + Measurements

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You've got questions?
We've got answers!

LightBuzz Body Tracking - COVID mask

Yeap, our body-tracking software works with face masks, too!

Can I use it on unlimited projects?

Yes! You can use our SDK for an unlimited number of projects and installations — no matter whether you have a thousand or a million customers. The price remains the same.

Is technical support included?

Affirmative. Our dedicated support team is available within hours of sending your support request. We provide first-class assistance on using the SDK and deploying your project. No bots. Only humans.

What input sources can I use?

On macOS, Windows, and Linux, we support ordinary USB webcams, RealSense, OAK-D, Structure Core, and Azure Kinect depth cameras. On iOS, we support the front and rear phone cameras and the new LiDAR depth camera. You may also analyze pre-recorded videos. Check the supported cameras.

Are you planning to support Android?

Absolutely! Our team is currently working on the Android builds of our SDK. You’ll receive the new SDK as a free software update when ready!

What about other cameras?

Out of the box, our SDK supports webcams, iOS LiDAR, Structure Core, OAK-D, Azure Kinect, and Intel RealSense. If you need a camera that is not part of the core body-tracking SDK, let us know and we would be happy to add a custom integration for you.

What programming languages can I use?

Unity3D is a first-class citizen. Additionally, the SDK is available in C/C++, C#, and Swift. In case you need support for a different toolkit or technology, just let us know.

Do I need an Internet connection?

No, you don’t! Our SDK is running offline, so your customers do not need to have an active Internet connection. Moreover, you don’t need to activate the software on a per-customer or a per-device basis. The whole experience is smooth and seamless. All you need to do is ship great apps, and we’ll do the rest.

What if I don’t renew my license?

Well, we would be sad to see you go. If you decide not to renew your license, your customers will still be able to use your body-tracking apps with no interruptions at all. You won’t be able to deploy new ones.

Are you working on custom projects?

LightBuzz provides a broad set of services around body tracking, and we can help you with custom application development. Our diverse expertise covers desktop, mobile, and cloud technologies. If you have a project inquiry, contact us.

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