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About us

How our AI can help you?

Technology is in our DNA

LightBuzz Body Tracking applied to Star Wars Yoda

It’s the early ’70s, and Led Zeppelin have just released their 8-minute-long Stairway to Heaven. On a small University campus, a Physics student holds a shoebox and walks to a building that looks like a library. However, the building stores something weird: a thick, shiny machine called a “computer.” The student, who happens to be my father, takes a seat in front of the device. He opens the shoebox to reveal multiple pieces of stiff paper with holes in them. These punch cards were primitive software programs. One typo and he should re-punch an entire card.

Vangos Pterneas - Teaching

Fast-forward 35 years. Information Technology has become a distinct hot field of study, and I’m majoring in Computer Science. Spending most of my time coding in front of a flat monitor, I’ve got rich text editors that point out potential errors before I even run my programs. Then, after a few keystrokes, I’ve got a fully functioning app with a graphical user interface ready – all while at the same time listening to Led Zeppelin crystal-clear in my web browser.

Iron Man - Natural User Interface

Fast-forward to the present day. My team moves in front of smart cameras that track our bodies, faces, and fingers. We are navigating into 3D digital worlds without “obsolete” devices like keyboards. Yet, I can still hear the Stairway on my tiny earphones.

In a world where only great music remains still, LightBuzz keeps pushing technological limits forward. We are helping people from all around the globe transform their businesses via Artificial Intelligence. It’s both our passion and mission.

Vangos Pterneas, CEO

Why LightBuzz?

We founded LightBuzz in 2012 and we’ve been expanding ever since. Today, LightBuzz maintains offices in New York, USA, and Vancouver, Canada.

You don’t want a ski trainer who just speaks ski theory. You need someone who says, “follow me down the hill”. LightBuzz has helped Fortune-500 companies dominate the market, and ambitious startups get from zero to millions.
We roll up our sleeves and work closely with your team. Even if we are one ocean away, we iterate regularly.
Motion Analysis is our passion. We are solely focusing on this kind of Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality applications.
You’ll learn the truth about your product and its true potential. We won’t begin coding until there’s a clear way that the product will benefit your business.
We don’t just code. We learn and understand your business, so we prioritize according to your needs — not according to our paycheck.
It is personal. When we engage in a project relationship, we behave as part of your business. We succeed only if you succeed.

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The creative process

Nowadays, every single business is facing significant challenges. To overcome the obstacles and succeed, you need the right people and the right procedure. LightBuzz is a team of geeks solving real-world problems with advanced AI.

Creative Process - Background

1. Idea

You have a ground-breaking idea. An idea that would help your business get to the next level and become a game-changer. We are here to transform your vision into a meaningful tech product. No matter where you are located – we work with clients from North America, Europe, and Asia.

2. Strategy

You know your business and we know how Technology can help it grow. Our team will research your target audience and develop an appealing product for your ideal customers, guaranteeing maximum ROI for you. Nothing's left to chance.

3. Implementation

We develop and design your product using the right tools and technology. We deliver weekly progress updates, so you can evaluate and test the product asap. During the development process, we work closely together to ensure that our work meets your business goals.

4. Support

A collaboration does not end when the product is launched. We’ll be there to help you after you bring your product to the market. We offer first-class technical support for as long as you need. Rest assured that your project is in good hands.

Are you ready?

LightBuzz has been helping Fortune-500 companies and innovative startups create amazing body-tracking applications and games. If you are looking to get your business to the next level, get in touch with us.