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The LightBuzz Body Tracking SDK has been updated.

⚡️ Optimized upside-down pose tracking
⚡️ Improved hand tracking on mobile devices
⚡️ Added Orbbec camera support for Mac
⚡️ Added steady-rate camera option

LightBuzz Body Tracking - Upside down pose tracking

We’re excited to announce the latest update to our AI SDK, which now includes several significant enhancements to body and hand tracking capabilities. These updates are designed to provide developers with even more precision and flexibility when creating immersive applications. Let’s dive into what’s new:

Upside-down pose optimization

We’re thrilled to bring you a nifty upgrade that’ll make your app’s motion tracking flip out – in a good way! Say hello to our newly optimized upside-down pose tracking. For all the acrobats and breakdancers in the virtual world, this one’s for you. Your app will now understand headstands and handstands as easily as a standing ovation.

By flipping a simple switch, OptimizationMode to Rotate180, your application will become a lot more gymnastics-friendly. This isn’t just a small step forward; it’s a whole handstand revolution for your tracking capabilities. It means your fitness or dance app can follow every move without missing a beat, even when your users are busting moves that defy gravity.

Sensor.OptimizationMode = OptimizationMode.Rotate180;

We’ve put this feature through the wringer with plenty of cartwheels and somersaults. What are the results? A before-and-after that speaks volumes. Now, your app won’t just track motion; it’ll capture the poetry of pirouettes and the dynamics of dives with pinpoint precision. Get ready to see your applications do the twist like never before!

LightBuzz Body Tracking - Upside down pose tracking

Here are more poses:

LightBuzz Body Tracking - Upside down pose tracking
LightBuzz Body Tracking - Upside down pose tracking

You can see the difference right away using our updated Picture demo in Unity:

LightBuzz Body Tracking Unity - Optimization Mode

Body + Hand tracking

LightBuzz has created the world’s most accurate body-tracking software solution. Companies and research centers worldwide use our SDK to develop commercial apps for desktop and mobile devices.

Improved hand tracking

Hand tracking just got a high-five from technology! We’ve taken all your input and turned it into action, supercharging our hand tracking module. Now, it’s not just robust; it’s like the bodybuilder of hand tracking. This means that on mobile devices, where every millisecond of response time counts, your app will be capturing the flurry of fingers with the grace of a pianist.

Picture this: your users are playing a virtual piano, signing in sign language, or simply waving hello in an AR setting. With this update, those actions will feel as natural and responsive on screen as they do in real life. The updated module isn’t just about keeping up; it’s about setting the pace for what’s possible in mobile hand tracking.

The technical wizardry behind the scenes ensures that even the most complex hand gestures are followed with a new level of smoothness. So, whether your users are sculpting in a 3D space or controlling a game with a flick of the wrist, expect a level of precision that feels like the future is here. Get ready for your apps to handle hand gestures with a newfound finesse that’ll have everyone talking – and gesturing – about how awesome it is!

Orbbec support for Mac

Great news for our macOS developers: we’re bringing the party to your doorstep! Our latest update extends a warm welcome to an array of Orbbec cameras on your macOS devices. The Orbbec Femto, Femto W, Astra Plus, and Femto Mega are now fully supported on macOS, similar to RealSense.

Orbbec Femto Mega (supported by LightBuzz)

Steady-rate camera option

Smooth, consistent motion capture is the holy grail of any real-time tracking application, and our latest SDK update brings you just that. Say goodbye to choppy input that can throw off the flow of your app. With our steady-rate camera feature, developers can wave a magic wand and make frame rate fluctuations disappear.

By setting Sensor.EnableSteadyRate to true, your app gains the superpower of consisteντ intervales between frames.

Sensor.EnableSteadyRate = true;

Whether you’re developing for fitness, gaming, or any other interactive experience, this update ensures that the visual input remains as steady as a rock, even when the processing gets heavy.

Vangos Pterneas - Author of the Azure Kinect Book

“With LightBuzz's new Hand & Finger tracking feature, we are setting a new standard in the realm of body-tracking technology. We invite you to explore this groundbreaking feature and join us at the forefront of digital interaction innovation.”

Vangos PterneasAuthor of "Mastering the Kinect"

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LightBuzz has created the world’s most accurate body-tracking software solution. Companies and research centers worldwide use our SDK to develop commercial apps for desktop and mobile devices.

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