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The LightBuzz Body Tracking SDK can now track 34 human body joints and 22 finger landmarks on each hand.

⚡️ 2D + 3D support
⚡️ High performance / low latency
⚡️ Supports every camera and operating system

LightBuzz hand & Finger tracking joints - multiple people

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting enhancement to our AI Body Tracking software: the integration of Hand & Finger Tracking capabilities.

🙌 Hand & Finger landmarks

Our software now comprehensively tracks 22 distinct hand and finger landmarks for each hand. Our technology maps each landmark, from the root of the hand at the wrist to the tip of each finger. This feature captures movements in 2D and 3D coordinates, ensuring a rich and detailed analysis of hand gestures and poses. This dual-dimensional analysis paves the way for a richer, more detailed understanding of hand gestures and poses, opening up new avenues for user interaction and digital expression.

This new development is not just an incremental step forward; it’s a giant leap in the precision of motion tracking.

The landmarks we track include all the pivotal joints and tips, from the Thumb CMC, MCP, IP, and Tip, to the delicate articulations of the Index, Middle, Ring, and Pinky fingers, concluding with the Palm’s center. Each landmark, as shown in the image provided, is a critical node in the network of hand motion capture:

With this update, the nuanced ballet of fingers typing, hands waving, and gestures communicating is captured with a fidelity that mirrors the clarity of human vision. Each landmark is a vital piece of the puzzle, enabling the full picture of hand movement to be rendered with exquisite detail.

LightBuzz hand & Finger tracking joints

Body + Hand tracking

LightBuzz has created the world’s most accurate body-tracking software solution. Companies and research centers worldwide use our SDK to develop commercial apps for desktop and mobile devices.

📱 System compatibility 💻

Accessibility is key, and we’ve ensured that this advanced Hand & Finger tracking feature is available across all platforms we support. Whether you’re using iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, or Linux, you can seamlessly integrate this new functionality into your applications.

📸 Camera compatibility

At LightBuzz, we understand that the value of technology is amplified by its compatibility and flexibility. Whether you’re working with the accessibility of standard webcams, the depth-sensing prowess of Intel RealSense cameras, the precise capture of Orbbec devices, or the cutting-edge Apple LiDAR sensors, our software is engineered to extract the full potential of these technologies.

The LightBuzz Hand & Finger tracking feature is meticulously calibrated to harness the unique strengths of each camera type, ensuring that you get the most accurate tracking possible, regardless of your hardware choice.

✨ 3D data from webcams!

One of the most groundbreaking aspects of our technology is its ability to derive reliable 3D data even from a simple webcam. This capability allows access to advanced motion tracking, removing barriers and making sophisticated tracking solutions available to a broader audience. With LightBuzz, 3D body, hand, and finger tracking is no longer confined to high-end depth sensors; we bring it to your everyday devices, ensuring that innovation is within reach for developers, creators, and businesses of all sizes.

The power of LightBuzz’s Body and Hand Tracking is at your fingertips (pun intended 😉 ), ready to be integrated into your projects with ease.

We are excited to see how you will harness these capabilities to create, innovate, and revolutionize the interaction landscape.

🥳 New demos

To demonstrate the full potential of our innovations, we’ve prepared a set of compelling demos, each designed to illustrate the versatility and power of our software.

☝️ Demo 1: Synchronized Body and Finger tracking

Imagine a world where technology understands you down to your subtlest gesture. Our first demo brings this vision to life by simultaneously tracking the entire body and the intricate movements of the fingers. This holistic approach to motion capture provides a seamless interaction experience, perfect for complex applications such as physical therapy and rehabilitation, advanced gaming interfaces, or sports motion analysis. Explore how the LightBuzz software captures an athlete’s dynamic movements along with the strategic positioning of their hands.

✌️ Demo 2: Dedicated finger tracking

There are scenarios where the story is told solely through the hands. For those instances, especially when the person is in very close proximity to the camera, our second demo focuses exclusively on hand tracking. This demo is designed as a perfect substitute for Ultraleap (formerly Leap Motion) applications, offering a level of precision and responsiveness that is ideal for up-close interactions. The only difference is you only need your computer or phone camera, and not a new piece of hardware!

Whether it’s for detailed hand-based controls, range of motion evaluation, or intricate artistic expressions, this hand-only tracking demo stands as a testament to the LightBuzz software’s capability to adapt to different spatial constraints and application needs.

Vangos Pterneas - Author of the Azure Kinect Book

“With LightBuzz's new Hand & Finger tracking feature, we are setting a new standard in the realm of body-tracking technology. We invite you to explore this groundbreaking feature and join us at the forefront of digital interaction innovation.”

Vangos PterneasAuthor of "Mastering the Kinect"

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We encourage you to dive into these demonstrations and experience the future of motion-tracking technology. A future where the digital world feels as real and responsive as the physical one.

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LightBuzz has created the world’s most accurate body-tracking software solution. Companies and research centers worldwide use our SDK to develop commercial apps for desktop and mobile devices.

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