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The LightBuzz Body Tracking software allows you to track the human body joints with remarkable accuracy. In addition, our SDK comes bundled with incredible tools, such as video recording, video playback, angle calculators, visual components, and more.


Think about this for a second: a few years ago, saying that your phone could recognize human body joints in real-time would sound crazy! Today, there are remarkable body-tracking SDKs that help developers create motion-tracking applications. LightBuzz believes competition is healthy and helps us stay relevant. Below, we will demonstrate how our SDK performs compared to other popular alternatives.

Benchmark devices

For our tests, we decided to experiment with cameras that support RGB + Depth. All of the videos were captured on the same machines. We’ve used the following benchmark devices:

ProcessorIntel Core i7-8750H @ 2.20 GHzApple A12Z Bionic
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070Apple 8-core GPU
Operating SystemWindows 10iOS 14
CameraIntel RealSense D455Apple LiDAR scanner

All of the videos are using the default built-in samples provided by the manufacturers. We have not modified the samples in any way.

LightBuzz vs ARKit

ARKit is the most popular Augmented Reality framework for iOS devices. It’s primarily focusing on general-purpose AR experiences. LightBuzz is solely focusing on body tracking. We are helping companies that need accurate and reliable data for motion analysis purposes.

  • ARKit is limited to 1 person; LightBuzz allows you to capture up to 20 people.
  • The ARKit/ARFoundation framework is not polished and needs improvements; LightBuzz comes with lots of built-in samples so that you can get started in no time.
  • ARKit only works with the rear iOS camera; LightBuzz allows you to use either the rear or the selfie camera.

ARKit demo source

LightBuzz vs Nuitrack

LightBuzz SDK
Nuitrack SDK

When it comes to Windows, Nuitrack is an excellent tool if you need to support as many depth cameras as possible. LightBuzz supports RealSense, Kinect, Structure Core, OAK-D, and Webcams.

  • LightBuzz tracking accuracy is higher, even in complex poses.
  • Nuitrack Pro needs a depth camera; LightBuzz works with 2D and 3D cameras.
  • Nuitrack AI is limited to NVIDIA graphics cards; LightBuzz AI supports NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel GPUs.
  • Nuitrack requires you to install a license on your customers’ devices; LightBuzz works on customer computers seamlessly.

Nuitrack demo source

LightBuzz vs Cubemos

LightBuzz SDK
Cubemos SDK

Cubemos is a skeleton tracking module tailored to the Intel ecosystem only.

  • LightBuzz has eliminated jittery joints.
  • LightBuzz provides almost twice the frame rate.
  • Cubemos 3D data is inaccurate; LightBuzz allows for greater 3D skeleton reconstruction.
  • Cubemos only supports Intel computers; LightBuzz works with NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel.
  • LightBuzz works with iOS, Mac, and Android, too.

Cubemos demo source

Sounds like we are the best fit for your body-tracking project?


One more thing…

The LightBuzz SDK is not cheap. We know. If it were cheap, we wouldn’t be able to make it so accurate and lightweight. We wouldn’t be able to go the extra mile and make body-tracking our full-time job. We wouldn’t be able to provide you with exceptional support. Premium is good.

Plus, LightBuzz offers all these amazing features right out of the box. It’s built to save you time and money. Selecting LightBuzz means you have your app ready in minutes.

Video Recording & Playback

LightBuzz allows you to record your body-tracking sessions and store the color, depth, and skeleton data. Our Unity package also comes with a cutting-edge tool that replays the videos using a familiar yet powerful user interface.

Motion Analysis

Motion Analysis is complex. Building on years of expertise, our engineers have pumped the SDK with everything you need to analyze the human movement: angle calculations, segment rotations, planar rotations, bezier curves. All the Maths you need – now accessed with a single line of code.


Most companies want to sell you hardware. It’s normal to lock their SDKs to a single device family. Forget about that. Using the LightBuzz SDK, you code once and deploy everywhere. Plus, you can target the largest device ecosystem possible: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, RealSense, LiDAR, Kinect, Logitech — even plain videos. Oh, and we’ve got more coming 😉

Human Support

We love AI, but we hate bots. That’s why we never delegate customer service to automatic responders and canned emails. When you reach out to us, you interact with humans. Our support team is working side-by-side with our engineers to answer even your tougher questions; within one business day.