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License activation

To use the LightBuzz SDK, you need a valid license key. If you don’t have a license key, contact us.

Launch Unity3D and import the LightBuzz Body Tracking package, as described in the Installation section.

If you have a trial package, no license key is required. Simply import the package and run the samples.

Activation process

Ensure you have an active Internet connection.

In the Unity menu, select LightBuzz → Subscription. The following panel appears:

Enter your license key in the text box and click Submit. Wait until the validation process is finished. You should see a success message:

> License activated. Thank you for trusting LightBuzz!

From now on, whenever you run a scene in the Unity Editor, the expiration date of your license will appear:

> Valid license. Expiration: [expiration date]

That log message will not appear in the exported projects.

This is it! Enjoy your LightBuzz Body Tracking software!

In case your key is invalid, you’ll get an error:

> Invalid or expired license.

If you receive that message, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need an Internet connection after I successfully validate my license?

No! Upon successful validation, Internet is no longer required. You can run your apps offline.

Do my customers need a license key?

No! Your customers do not need a license key. You simply build and deliver your project.

Do my customers need an Internet connection?

No. Your customers do not need an active Internet connection. They can run your apps offline without any issues.

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