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Client: Intralot SA

An Interactive Marketing Experience

Heroes League is an interactive marketing tool, currently used by Intralot SA in exhibition centers and booths (London, Rome, Oslo). Heroes League attracts customers and lets them participate in a soccer (European football) contest. The participants have to kick a virtual ball using their body movements. A motion sensor is recognizing their joints and motion and directs the ball to the goalposts. The administrator can then analyze and export reports with the top performers.

Kinect Vector Line White

Kinect HD Sensor

Body & Motion Tracking

You are the Controller!

Heroes League allows you to control the game with your movements. Using a powerful Kinect sensor, Heroes League analyzes the direction and power of your legs and feet to calculate the orbit of the ball! Simply shoot and the application will direct the ball to the goalposts.

Arrow Down Light

Soccer Player Shooting

Crowd Celebration

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