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Client: Kinetisense Inc, Canada

Kinect Body Tracking

Kinetisense at a glance

Kinetisense is an accurate Motion analysis tool for practitioners, trainers, and physical therapists. Kinetisense analyzes the human Range Of Motion, Posture, Functional Movement & Balance. It is using the power of RealSense, Apple LiDAR, and the LightBuzz SDK.

Body Joint Tracking

Kinetisense analyzes 25 human body joints tremendously fast and accurately.

Face & Eye Tracking

Using our custom motion tracking algorithms, we track the eyes, nose, jaw in High Definition.

Video Recording

Using Kinetisense, practitioners and trainers can record the Functional Movement and review it later.

Cloud Service

Kinetisense data can be accessed through the Cloud, so it's available 24/7 from every device.

Kinetisense Skeleton Overhead

Range Of Motion

Kinetisense is a healthcare solution that accurately measures 44 movements from eight human joints, neck, and back. Using the app, doctors measure and record the distance a human joint travels.

Using Kinetisense, healthcare and fitness professionals are able to perform objective Postural, Functional, and Balance Analysis.

Live Charts & Reports

Kinetisense generates progress charts, providing a quick view of how the patient is responding to the treatment process — all in real-time. Medical reports are automatically created from big volumes of data sets.

Kinetisense Live Charts

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Revolutionizing Sports Rehabilitation

Kinetisense is a proud Microsoft Partner. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella featured Kinetisense in the Canadian Keynote in July 2016.

Kinetisense Changed my Practice

The Kinetisense system does something amazing. Anybody can use Kinetisense – from the clinician to the trainer. It’s a fun and intuitive system that allows us to capture posture and movement with a high degree of accuracy. It gave me another opportunity to interact with my clients: my people not only subjectively feel well, but they objectively move better!

— Dr Grove Higgins
Human Performance and Rehabilitation, Colorado Springs Center

Kinetisense Increased my Referrals by 30%

Wow! Kinetisense has made my job as Movement Specialist so much easier. When my clients are able to see what I see, and understand why they are doing specific exercises, they start taking responsibility for their bodies. Compliance goes up and pain goes down! A happy pain free client is a great success. Kinetisense has increased my referrals by 30% in the last 2 months.

Lori Gordon —
Physiotherapist, GIFT Fellow

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