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Client: Microsoft

Pixel-Perfect Stylish Design

In fashion, small details can make a huge difference. We know this first-hand, so we developed one of the most beautiful apps in the Windows Store.

Microsoft Fashion - Phone Home

Microsoft Fashion - Phone Bio

Microsoft Fashion - Phone Catwalk

Microsoft Fashion - Phone Boutique

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The Official Lumia App

Microsoft partnered with fashion designer Vassilis Zoulias and LightBuzz created one of the most fascinating Windows Phone apps. The app was chosen for the official launch of the Microsoft/NOKIA Lumia phone series.

Award-Winning Design

The app is bringing more design innovation by using background videos and providing superior experience this way. Consequently, it won the design award in Microsoft’s Hackathon challenge (2012). The fashion designer used this app for the promotion of his new collection in New York, USA.

Microsoft Fashion - Phone Lumia

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