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Client: Kinetisense Inc, Canada

Award-Winning Software

Orthosense is a healthcare application that accurately measures the Range Of Motion of the human fingers and wrists. The software is using the power of RealSense, an affordable 3D infrared camera. Orthosense has been awarded with the Grand Prize in Intel’s international challenge (2015).

RealSense Camera

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Featured in USA Today

After winning the Grand Prize in Intel’s RealSense Challenge, Marc Saltzman praised Orthosense in his article, published in USA Today.

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Now Powered by Leap Motion

Orthosense is now compatible with Leap Motion, the most accurate finger and wrist tracking device on the market.
Leap Motion is using 6 infrared cameras to accurately identify the joints, gestures, and movements.

Orthosense Demo - Leap Motion - iMac

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