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Vitruvius is the most advanced Kinect framework

Companies from all over the world are using Vitruvius to create the next generation of Motion Technology applications. Here’s why.


Vitruvius offers the most accurate Kinect avateering system out there. Period. traditionally, animating 3D models with Kinect was very hard. Using Vitruvius, you can control a 3D model using your body with only one line of code! The developer packages are bundled with 9 high-quality rigid modelsand multiple textures to choose from. They are carefully designed to work with Kinect and you can use them in your own commercial projects.

Vitruvius Kinect Body Models (Avateering)

Vitruvius Kinect Angle Measurements


Using Vitruvius, you can calculate the angle between 3 joints, and draw it on a canvas with a handy Arc control. You can also find the height of the tracked players, the length of specified segments in the 3D space, as well as the rotation in the X, Y and Z axis. Researchers love these capabilities. Dealing with real-time measurements and motion tracking has never been easier.

Coordinate Mapping

Kinect sees the world in the 3D space, but your screen has limited resolution. Vitruvius lets you map the real-world coordinates to screen coordinates using one line of C# code.

Vitruvius Coordinate Mapping

Vitruvius HD Face

HD Face

Vitruvius processes Kinect’s High Definition Face data and exposes an easy-to-use API for accessing more than 1,000 facial points in the 3D space. Detect the 3D coordinates of the forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, cheeks, and jaw and create your own next-gen face apps.

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